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Crystal Able - Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Crystal Able - Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

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We are working on Demo preview and resolve all issue on demo preview. You may purchase Crystal Able without any issue – The latest and bug free version already updated on downloaded package. Happy to purchase it !!!!

Crystal Able is built on Bootstrap 4 Framework. CrystalAble is very useful for any complex project which required Admin dashboard functionaliy. Easy to access any of components, UI design, modules. Very flexible solution for your project.

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Change Logs

v1.0.2 01-06-2017
Included all layouts in package with same changes of v1.0.1
Remove RTL support from entire theme

v1.0.1 30-05-2017
1)    Form mask.html
    :-    inputmask.js and jquery.inputmask.js 404 error resolve
    :-    assets/pages/form-mask.js
2)    Burger menu minimise left issue.
3)     Fix online Documentation link :-
4)    Login Page fixed.
5)    Right side Header - Dropdown Broken 'Profile', 'My Messages', 'Lock Screen', 'Logout' links fixed.
6)    Fix side bar main menu broken links.
7)    widget.html - Image slider not working - fixed
8)    Menu Active class fix for dashboard1.html and index.html
9)    button-fab.html - Speed dial section - Broken link fix.
10) All pages Breadcrumbs - set with proper naming.
11)    tabs.html - Tab With Images section - Fix.
12) card.html -    BACKGROUND VARIANT section - Fix.
13) form-elements-advance.html - Select 2 section - Fix.
14)    forms-validation.html    - Validation working fine now.
15)    form-mask.html - run smoothly and fix bug now.
16) float-chart.html, knob-chart.html - Chart showing fine now.
17) landing-page.html - Logo fix.
18) Authenticaltion pages - Logo broken link fix.
19)    Authenticaltion pages - Text box style change to primary style.
20)    Color switcher - Remove from all Maitenance sub menu pages.
21)    Email templates - Logo broken link fix.
22)    full-calender.html - Fix the design issue.
23)    task-board.html - fix the task lists design.
24)    ace-editor.html - Bower plugin update page link set.
25)    file-upload.html - Page submit bottom - top margin space fixed.
26) image-cropper.html - Design margin issue fixed.

v1.0 - 25-05-2017
Release Initially

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