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Dashboard UI Kit | Admin Dashboard Template & UI Framework

Dashboard UI Kit | Admin Dashboard Template & UI Framework

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Dashboard UI Kit—admin dashboard template and UI framework focusing on dashboard user Interfaces & web applications to help you quickly build beautiful interfaces your clients and users will adore. No more bloated code, no more dozens of plugins that you don’t need, with Dashboard we ‘ve made sure it’s lightweight & clean for a faster & smoother experience.


  • Built with SCSS
  • GulpJS Build System
  • Bootstrap Grid
  • BEM Naming Methodology
  • ITCSS Project Strucutre
  • Responsive Design
  • Retina ready
  • Lightweight & Fast
  • Web Applications
    • Boards (Trello-style)
    • News Feed (Twitter-style)
    • Calendar
    • Messanger
    • Projects Board
  • Different Pages
    • Analytics
    • Home Overview
    • Performance (New)
    • Front Page (New)
    • Invoices
    • Landing
    • User Profile (New)
    • Register
    • Login
    • Login v2 (New)
    • Project Overview (New)
    • ... and more
  • UI Kit
    • Alerts
    • Avatars
    • Badges
    • Breadcrumb
    • Button group
    • Buttons
    • Calendar
    • Date Picker (New)
    • Dropdowns
    • Divider
    • Form Elements
    • File Upload (New)
    • Navbar
    • Notifications
    • Pagination
    • Popovers (New)
    • Progress
    • Switch
    • Tables
    • Tabs
    • Toggles
    • Toolbar
    • Tooltips
    • Multiple Select (New)
  • Dashboard-specific Components
    • Profile Card
    • State Card
    • Todo Tasks
    • States
    • Plans (Pricing)
    • ... and more
  • Well documented (Online Documentation)
  • Premium Support

Roadmap & Feedback

We have a list of features that will be implemented in the upcoming updates, so we are open to any suggestions or ideas that would improve Dashboard UI Kit. Send us an email with your feedback: support@zawiastudio.com

v2.1 Released


Don’t forget to read the documentation, but if you encounter any problems don’t hesitate to to contact us, just leave a comment with your problem or send us an email: support@zawiastudio.com.

Note: All images used in the demo are from Unsplash and aren’t included.


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